Welded Panels- Modern Steels

With the advent of constantly changing technology for stronger, safer and more economical cars, car manufacturers are turning to ultra strength steels in vehicle construction.

These modern steels require different repair methods and techniques to those employed by conventional steel, and react differently to welding procedures.

We have invested £11,000 in a Fully Automated Inverter Spot Welder, essential in the repair of modern steel welded panels, such as rear wings and sill panels. Conventional repair practices without this new technology would be nothing more than dangerous and unsafe. Despite this, some Body Centres have not employed this technology and continue to weld modern high strength steel without the correct equipment.

You can be confident that at Woodlands Bodyshop all spot welded panels will be replaced in accordance with the correct methods, using the correct equipment.

The actual quality of every weld is stored as a “pass” or “fail” within the welder against the vehicle registration number, so we have a record of every weld on every repair. If for any reason the weld failed, it would be supported by a weld that passed. This information is retained, together with the appropriate methods, to complete the audit trail and support the validity and method deployed in the repair.


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