Spray Bake Ovens

We have two Spray Bake Ovens within which the vehicles are sprayed.

Once the vehicle has been sprayed in this controlled and sealed environment, the paint is then baked onto the panel at a temperature of 80 Degrees Centigrade. This replicates the process adopted by the factory when the car is new, and ensures the paint will last as long as the original finish.

In 2011, we invested almost £40,000 in a “Symach” Drying Arch, which uses a gas catalyst to massively accelerate the rate at which the paint can be baked onto the panel. Using a conventional Spraybake Oven, the paint bake time is between 45 min to 1 hour. Whilst the paint will be baked to an acceptable level, it still goes on curing over a period of weeks before it is fully hardened.

The Symach will achieve a fully baked and hardened finish within about 10 minutes. Not only does this speed up the repair process to ensure the client gets their car back sooner, but also ensures a more consistent and durable paint finish. This ensures the repair should remain invisible, and when the client goes to sell the car the repair should enhance the value as opposed to devaluing the car, by virtue of a lesser paint finish.


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