Non Insurance Work

Should you wish to pay for any repairs yourself and not use an insurance company, we will apply a discount to reduce the costs.

Some years ago we decided to pioneer a Menu Pricing formula for private work where the customer pays for the repairs directly. We simply categorise your car, small, medium or large, and apply the fixed panel repair costs. In real terms this can be as much as a 50% reduction against an insurance quote.

The reason we do this is twofold. Firstly, with the general public we get paid when the job is complete, as opposed to an insurance company when we have to wait to get paid. Secondly, by reducing the cost to the client, we help to cement a relationship with the client. This could result in the client being more likely to come back whenever their car sustains any damage, no matter how large or small, and could result in the client referring us to friends, family and work colleagues.



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