Non Fault Accident Specialists

In conjunction with our business partners, we are able to offer a complete service, including like for like replacement vehicle (including prestige vehicles, vans, plated taxis and driving school cars) if you have been involved in a non fault accident.

The emphasis here is to keep the claim away from your own insurance company for the following reasons.

Whilst the initial thought is to pursue a claim through your own insurance company, if you have been involved in an accident which was not your fault, it should be understood that by reporting and progressing a claim through your insurance company you are in effect making a claim on your own insurance policy.

In doing so, you would be responsible for paying your policy excess and would lose your no claims bonus. When your insurance company recover all the money for the claim from the third party insurance company, you would get your excess refunded together with any increase in insurance premium you may have suffered by virtue of a claim sitting on your policy.

(As it can sometimes take over a year for your insurance company to recover monies owed by a third party insurance company, you may suffer an increase in premium if the claim has not been settled when your policy is due for renewal.

It is worth noting that if you have a “protected no claims bonus” it is only protected with your current insurance company and you have no control over your renewal premium, more importantly, if you decide to shop around for cheaper cover when your policy is due for renewal you would have to record the pending claim and by virtue would not benefit from a full no claims discount.)

Using the services of a “Credit Hire Company,” a non fault accident can be dealt with away from your insurance company. You would have the use of a like for like replacement vehicle whilst your car is in for repairs or off the road if it is un roadworthy, and all costs relating to the repair, car hire, personal accident or uninsured losses would be forwarded to the third party insurance company.

As this is not being dealt with by your insurance company you would not have to pay your policy excess and it will not affect your no-claims bonus.




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