Nationwide and Worldwide Delivery

We are able to offer both a National and International delivery service.

There are now many instances where customers will buy cars from us over the phone without physically visiting our Dealership and we arrange to have the cars delivered to their UK, EEC or Worldwide address.

To achieve this with total confidence, prior to committing to a purchase, we will email to the prospective client detailed photographs of all areas of the vehicle, and scan and email the Service History and Registration Documents.

We also “Walk around the vehicle” whilst talking to the client on the phone, describing each panel, wheel, tyre and the interior in great detail so the client has a true and full picture of the condition of the vehicle. This description would be confirmed in writing and form the basis of the buying contract.

We would obtain a delivery cost to any address in the UK, or shipping cost to any EEC or Worldwide location. Please note, it is the responsibility of the client to research and be wholly responsible for all import duties and taxes that may apply to a shipping or Foreign destination.



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