Matching Your Vehicle’s Colour

We go to extreme lengths to ensure the correct colour match for every car that passes through our workshop.

Every vehicle has a unique identification plate attached at the factory when the car was built, which records the colour code applicable to the paint applied when the vehicle was new.

Using our fully computerised “Paint Mixing System” and the vehicle paint code, we can mix an exact match of the vehicle colour, using the new generation Water Based Paints, instead of using old technology harmful solvent paints. These paints use water technology to produce an extremely high quality product, which not only matches the paint applied at the factory but is also more environmentally friendly.

In certain cases a colour code might not be available. In these situations we are still able to achieve a paint colour match. Our paint supplier has a special piece of equipment which is able to take a comprehensive, detailed digital image of the paint colour and process a colour formulation allowing us to simply mix the paint to the formulation.

In spite of the above, we always produce a “Spray Out Card” before we spray the panels. This is a special piece of card which we spray in the spray booth immediately before we spray the car. The card is then offered up to the car to ensure the colour match is exact and correct. If we are not happy with the colour match, we can mix up a new formula until we are satisfied the match is correct. This ensures the vehicle is only sprayed once the colour has been confirmed as being correct.

These spray out cards have allowed us to build up a very comprehensive library of colours over the years. This can prove to be extremely useful when repeat car colours come through the workshop or indeed the same car comes back some months or years later.


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