Headlamp Restoration

We now have the ability to restore discoloured headlamps.

These days, headlamps are made of plastic. Over time, the film on the front of the headlamp deteriorates, causing the clear front to become opaque and lose the ability for all the light produced by the headlamp bulb to pass through it. As well as being extremely dangerous, this will often be an MOT failure.

Because the headlamps are all one unit, it is not possible to just replace the front, so a very costly headlamp replacement has been the usual response.

However, we have access to a new product which allows us to restore the front of headlamps so they look like a brand new unit.

The headlamp is firstly removed, and then prepared as we would a body panel prior to spraying. The special film coating is then applied, and when dry the headlamp unit is fitted back to the car. The headlamps really do look they are brand new, and the effects when driving at night are quite spectacular.

We charge £45 plus vat for one headlamp and £80 plus vat for two.


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