Company Fleet Business

One area we excel at is looking after the body repair requirements of company car fleets.

Since 1995 we have been the approved repairer to one of the country’s largest PLC companies, which has given us a broad and wide experience of dealing with corporate clients. We go out of our way to service the needs of all our customers, and can make life a little easier for the company fleet manager.

In an effort to combat excessive reconditioning charges by leasing companies when a car is returned at the end of a lease, we offer a service which is designed to reduce the fleet owners running costs.

When a car is coming to the end of its lease, after inspecting the vehicle, we can produce a free estimate to bring the car up to the condition that will satisfy the condition terms of the lease. As well as rectifying accident damage, scuffs and dents by conventional repair methods, we are able to remove lighter blemishes, scratches and dents without the need for potentially costly re-spray work. The benefit of adopting this procedure is that you have total control of your running costs, opposed to the leasing company inflicting you with heavy penalties for inflated repair costs when the car has been returned to them.

Often cars are handed from one driver to another, and prior to the handover we are often called upon to rectify any body damage eg. Scratches, scuffs, dents etc, prior to the new driver taking ownership. We always cost this work at a reduced and favourable rate in an effort to support reduced running costs for the client.


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