Any Size Job

We are equipped to deal with any size job, from a multi-thousand pound accident repair to spraying the cover of a door mirror.

It might be very heavy, medium or light impact accident damage, dents and scrapes of any shape or size, vandal scratches or damage, bumper scuffs, small annoying dents or scratches, or any work that involves replacement or rectification to any body/bumper panels on any car or light commercial vehicle.

We can undertake the following:

  • Bumper Scuffs.
  • Scratched panels.
  • Scuffed panels.
  • Any dented panel.
  • Repairs to all plastic bumpers and mirror covers.
  • Any Body Panel replacement eg. Wings, Bumpers, Doors, Rear Wings, Roofs, Tailgates and Bootlids.
  • Rust and corrosion repairs.
  • Front, Side, or Rear Accident damage.
  • Minor and Major accident repairs.
  • Vandal scratches.
  • Paintless small dent removal – no need to spray the repaired area.
  • Headlamp Repairs – Restores discoloured Headlamp Fronts.


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